'A picture is worth a thousands words'
—Fred R. Barnard—

This timeless quote is central to the thinking of Hare Photography. As we explore the world around us, we see the beauty of the world as the camera captures every moment. This is our goal at Hare Photography; to present our clients world-class photography that makes them feel a sense of wide-eyed wonder.

The power of photography is phenomenal, since the viewer has the opportunity to feel the power of a waterfall or a calm as the sun sets over the ocean as the salty water laps against the sandy beach. A picture simply conveys an emotion and Hare Photography prides itself in presenting quality prints that convey a variety of emotions.

By specializing in nature photography, Hare Photography brings the wonder of nature into the homes of many. Where the photo can become the focal point of the room or even a conversation starter. So feel free to browse our portfolio and order yourself some prints, so that you can feel the power of photography in your very own home.