Hare Photography is owned and operated by Nathan Hare. This company was officially established in 2008, when Nathan Hare took on several freelance photography jobs. A love for photography coupled with an industrial spirit has ignited into a career that focusses on bring the palette of color found in nature to the homes of many. This passion is what keeps Hare Photography exploring the world, with the lens capturing every moment.

While in the field shooting, Nathan Hare depends on his Nikon® Coolpix 8700 Nikon® Coolpix 8700 to capture every minute detail. Since Hare Photography has a high-standard of quality, therefore we require the highest quality of equipment out there so we turn to Nikon®.

Our philosophy is that every image is a moment of time captured so that others can experience that very moment for themselves. Therefore every photo needs to be timeless since it is only these photos that are worth the effort. With nature photography the world is explored and details come to life. And at Hare Photography we are dedicated to capturing the moment that will last forever. Our studio is full of images that inspire and capture the imagination, so if you are near our studio, you are always welcome to come in and browse.